An Open Letter to Jim Harbaugh

Bo Schembechler is dying a second death. The man devoted his life to making Michigan football great, and yet the glorious edifices of the dynasty he built are now crumbling away. If the current trend continues, Michigan Stadium will grow emptier and emptier, and Bo’s legacy will one day be nothing more than a faded memory.

There are people who believe Michigan football is immortal. “Michigan will always be Michigan,” they claim. Would that it were so. The truth is, Michigan football only means something today because Bo was a winner. The current Michigan faithful were drawn in during the glory years of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But how many young fans are being drawn into Michigan football today, with its 1-10 streak against OSU and 1-6 streak against MSU? In 10 years, what will remain of Bo’s legacy? A statue outside Schembechler Hall?

Michigan remained great for so long because it had a long line of great coaches and great leaders. That line has been cut. The football program is now wandering in the desert. And the Maize and Blue faithful cry out for help, praying for a savior who will restore them to their former glory. If the call goes unanswered much longer, it may never be Michigan again. And Bo Schembechler will be well and truly dead.